Why you need an accountant with financial planning knowledge

Ideally, if you need help preparing your tax return, managing your business income and expenses, or ensuring your taxes are all being filed correctly and efficiently then an accountant is perfect however a financial advisor or planner is best suited to help with budgeting, investing, estate planning and protecting your business from a financial standpoint.

Rather than having two separate entities manage this, we suggest having an accountant who is skilled in both areas or a financial planner who is also an expert in everything tax related.

Here’s why: 

  • Your accountant already has (should have) detailed information on on the history and/or trajectory for your finances which means they would be the best person to advice on how much to invest and when based on your income.
  • Personal tax planning is deeply embeded in tax planning.
  • Accountants – an excellent accountant – understands your financial motivation better than anyone else!

With Sydney Draper Accountants, you get a two for one! All Strategic partners within our accounting firms are financial planners equipped with multiple industry knowledge, estate planning knowledge as well as knowledge on the financial markets. The above training coupled with in depth knowledge of your financial affairs gives a greater insight and allows us to see the bigger picture and provide assistance with budgeting, investing or recovering from debt. Ensuring that your ambitious plans are not thwarted.

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